Rules of Respect

Whereas the Watkins Glen Public Library aims to be a welcoming, nurturing place for all of its visitors,
and whereas certain behaviors (verbal as well as physical) cause conflict between library users, staff, or
library visitors – certain behaviors will be tolerated and others will not.

Expected Behavior

Quiet, respectful behavior towards others is expected.

Prohibited Behavior

Behaviors listed below will not be permitted in the library or on its grounds. Furthermore, a range of
actions will be taken to ensure that such behavior will cease – up to and including restriction from the
library and its services, and/or reportage to appropriate law enforcement authorities.

  • Disorderly conduct, such as fighting, yelling, using harmful or threatening language.
  • Disruptive behavior (i.e. behavior that inhibits the regular library usage of other persons; including
    staring, following, and/or photographing without permission, or causing an offensive odor.)
  • Possessing, distributing, or consuming illegal drugs or alcohol, or being under the influence of
  • Sexual misconduct (i.e., inappropriate touching, exposure, or sexual harassment.)
  • Damaging, destroying, or stealing library or personal property.
  • Creating and/or displaying offensive words as respective to race, gender, sexual orientation, age,
    or ability.
  • Smoking, or using tobacco products.
  • Spitting.
  • Failure to comply with staff directions or written library policies.
  • Eating, and/or drinking from open containers.
  • Entering staff-only areas, or entering the library when it is closed.
  • Selling or soliciting.

Appeal Procedure

If you believe you have been unjustly accused of behaving in a prohibited manner and would like to
appeal the decision, written notice must be given to the library director or a member of the board of


If an amendment to the above policy is sought, it can be brought to the attention of the Library Director or a member of the Board of Trustees. Should you notice any of the above behaviors please report immediately to a member of the library staff.