Lending Rules and Procedures

A patron wishing to borrow materials from the Watkins Glen Library will need a library card issued by the Watkins Glen Library or a library card from another library in the Southern Tier Library System and be a member in good standing.  This would mean no outstanding fines or charges for lost materials.

The patron would take the materials they wish to borrow following the loan period rules:

New Books                                                14 days

Fiction                                                        21 days

Non-Fiction                                               21 days

Audio Books                                              21 days

Inter-library Loan                                     variable

Rotating Collection Books                     21 days

DVDs                                                            7 days

Music CDs                                                  14 days

New Books and Videos may be renewed once.

All other materials may be renewed twice.

All materials must be checked out from the desk and charged to the account of the patron.  Patron must be present in order to have materials charged to their card, except in the instance of illness then the patron must call or authorize in writing another to use their card to bring them materials.  In the event the patron is not personally known to library personnel we may require ID.   Materials may be returned to any library in the Southern Tier Library System.