Collections Policy


Community members are welcome to make recommendations of titles to add to the Watkins Glen Public Library’s collection. We try to honor requests to the best of our ability. Variables that affect an item’s purchase include availability, price, publication date, and amount of copies that already exist in the Southern Tier Library System. 

Note: Due to limited shelf space, the library typically does not purchase items published 4+ years ago. We will consider requests on a case-by-case basis. It can sometimes take 1-2 months before purchased items arrive and are cataloged.

Please leave your purchase request with staff at the circulation desk or fill out the form below.

Request for Reconsideration Policy

Should a patron of the Watkins Glen Public Library object to a particular item in the collection, they should follow the steps outlined in the Collections Development Policy and complete a Request for Reconsideration.

Once the Director is made aware of an objection, they will notify the Board of Trustees and examine the item as soon as possible. If the objection is merited and the item is found to violate the Library’s Collections Development Policy, the item may be removed from the collection.