Summer Learning

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Registration begins June 15th!

  • Students are not required to attend in-person programs or participate in the grab-and-go activities. The only requirement is that students track how many hours and total books they read between July 5 and August 13.
  • What counts? Books, audiobooks, and graphic novels all count towards your goal! For every hour of reading, students will receive a coin. Coins can be cashed in for prizes from the Summer Learning Marketplace.
  • Grab-&-Go Activity Packs will be available starting on Monday of each week until gone. These are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can pick up activity packs during open hours. Supplies may be limited.
  • Extra reading logs will be kept at the Summer Learning Station near the children’s room.
  • The last day to turn in logs to library staff is Saturday, August 13. The top readers will be notified the following week to pick up their grand prizes.
  • All participants will receive a completion certificate at the end of the program.

How to Register

  • Registration for the Summer Learning Program will begin June 15th and close July 4th.
  • Call the library during open hours (607) 535-2346.
  • Send us a Facebook Message that includes: First & Last Name of the student(s), age, a contact phone number, and email address (optional).
  • Send us an email at that includes: First & Last Name of the student(s), age, a contact phone number, and email address (optional).
  • Parents/guardians are required to fill out a consent form and return to the library. This form includes emergency contact numbers, allergies, etc. A printable copy of this form can be found below. You will also receive a copy in your student’s SLP folder.
  • Once registered, students may pick up their SLP folder at the library.

How long is the Summer Learning Program?
The program lasts 6 weeks starting July 5th through August 13th.What is the age range of participants?
This is open to students from ages 4 to 17.How do I register?
Registration begins JUNE 15th! Please call the library at (607) 535-2346 during open hours. You may also contact us via Facebook Messenger, email, or visit us in person. Once registered, you can pick up your SLP folder which contains reading and title logs, as well as the program lineup.What counts towards my "reading" goal?
We call our program Summer Learning instead of Summer Reading because not everybody reads! Books, audiobooks, graphic novels, and even listening to someone else read to you counts towards hourly goals. Students set personal goals on their reading logs.Do I have to attend in-person programs? Do I have to take home weekly activity packs?
Both are optional. You are not required to attend programs. Weekly lesson plans will be available at the Summer Learning Station for anybody who wants them. The only requirement to participate is registering and tracking your hours/titles. The last day to turn in logs is August 13th.How do I win prizes?
Fill out your reading log as you go. For every hour you read, you receive 1 coin. You can use your coins to make purchases at the Summer Learning Marketplace inside the library. Save up your coins for bigger prizes. We will award 4 grand prizes at the end of the program based on total # of hours and total # of books read.Do I need to register for in-person programs?
In some cases, YES! We need a head count at least one week in advance to ensure we have enough supplies and snacks for students. Programs marked with a yellow star     require registration.Can I attend Summer Learning events without being a registered participant?
Yes and no. Our special events are open to the public including: Tanglewood Nature Center and the Ancient Under the Sea Reptile Show. All other in-person programs are for registered students only due to limited supplies and space. The Ancient Under the Sea Reptile Show will feature a Fossil Dig after the program and is only available to registered Summer Learning students at the Montour Falls, Dutton S. Peterson (Odessa), and Watkins Glen libraries. Students will need to contact the Watkins Glen Public Library at (607) 535-2346 to register for the fossil dig in advance.

Reading Logs

Participation Consent Form